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Amish Country Attractions

Lapp Valley Farm

Are you an ice-cream lover?  Don’t miss this Mennonite farm where they milk their own cows and make their own delectable ice-cream.  Walk around the farm and pet the calves, watch the milking, play with the cats and dogs, and sit on the veranda eating your homemade treats.

Old Windmill Farm

This is where you need to go if you want to experience the Amish and farm life.  Tours at the farm provide the opportunity to bottle feed calves, milk cows, visit the gardens, pet the animals, and learn the ways of the Amish and their lifestyle. 

Riehl's Quilts and Crafts

This working Amish dairy farm is home to a wonderful quilt and craft store.  Stop in and see hundreds of handmade authentic Amish quilts, pillows, pot holders and more.  Walk around the farm and see the labors of a hardworking Amish family.

The Amish Village

Visit the village and experience the authentic life of the Amish.  Tour the grounds, including the one-room school house, the blacksmith shop, and the smoke house.  A 25-minute guided tour of the house provides you with the understanding of the way of life of the Amish and how they maintain their lifestyle in modern times.  Follow the house tour with a 90-minute narrated bus tour of the countryside and see the incredible vistas, farms and unique way of life here in Lancaster County.