…Where the Bible comes to life…

The world-class Sight and Sound Theatre is located just minutes from Walnut Lawn Bed and Breakfast.  It is one of the top three theatre destinations in the country and the largest faith-based live theatre.  Each year, nearly one million people from around the world experience a production at either the Lancaster, PA or Branson, MO location.

Lancaster County native, Glenn Eshelman, founded Sight and Sound in 1976 and continued to grow the production into the phenomenon that it is now.  The theatre in Lancaster seats over 2000 guests at each of up to three shows per day.  The 300-foot stage wraps around the three sides of the audience.

Through the years, many Biblical stories have come to life on stage at Sight and Sound Theaters including: Colors of Praise, The Splendor of Easter, Joys of Christmas, The Eternal Flame, Miracle of Christmas, Noah – the Musical, Abraham & Sarah – A Journey of Love, Daniel and the Lions’ Den, Behold the Lamb, Ruth, Psalms of David, Voices of Christmas, In the Beginning, Joseph, Jonah, Moses, Samson, and premiering March 2018…. Jesus.

Visit Sight and Sound and be awed by singing, dancing, live animals, and inspirational productions. For more information visit www.sight-sound.com or call the box office at 1-800-377-1277