Spring at the Inn

Spring is my favorite time of year.  Everything is fresh and new and bright. The air is filled with the delicate scents of tulips and daffodils. Then comes fresh cut grass and apple blossoms. Then comes fresh mulch and, …well, …the not so nice fresh scents of fertilizing the farmland the “au naturale” way.  But I love it anyway!

Around the inn, I have come across the tell tale signs of spring.  Actually, at the end of March, the first brood of doves fledged from the nest.  This mamma dove had 5 broods last year, and is on her second for this year.  I’ve been watching her everyday and am patiently waiting for the little ones to hatch.  The guests loved to watch her all season last year while she raised her babies. Somehow I will have to time it perfectly so that I can plant the ferns in the hanging basket in between clutches of eggs. IMG_1141

Then, yesterday I was mowing for the 4th time already this season and came across this little nest of bunnies.  I knew it was there last week when I mowed.  I carefully mow around it, but this week, the babies popped their heads out to see what all the commotion was about.  No worries, little ones. I will be very careful around your little nest!.  IMG_1163

I’ve been working on getting the flower beds in shape and have the fountain planted again this year. It saves on water and the succulents thrive on the fact that I can’t be trusted to water them very often. IMG_1118IMG_1167

I can’t wait for the autumn pears, plums, and applesIMG_1098 IMG_1128

But soon will be quarts of raspberries each dayIMG_1166

But the coolest things I came across were the baby pinecones!  IMG_1144

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