Welcome to the Four Seasons Room

If you are keeping track, the Four Seasons Room is the 4th of 5 rooms upstairs that I have completed the renovations and redecorating so far.  This is probably the most popular room in the house.  It is not the largest, and it only has a queen bed, but people love the charm of this room!  It all has to do with the bathroom, or more specifically, the bathroom doors.  I’ll get to the bathroom in a bit, but first let me tell you about the room.

The Four Seasons room is located on the northwest corner of the house and overlooks the barns, the gardens, and the gazebo. Because it is located on the back of the house and farthest from the road, it is the quietest room.

When I was painting the Garden Room over a year ago, I fell in love with the paint color, misty morn.  The Four Seasons Room is the second guests room that is done in that color, and the bathroom is the 4th bathroom that I have painted that color (there is a method to my misty morn madness in the bathrooms:  They will all be able to use interchangeable towels, bathmats and décor).

The room has a pencil-post canopy queen bed adorned with an authentic Amish quilt with shades of red.  Overall, the room takes on an Americana feel with the pale blue walls and the red accents.  Complete the Americana theme with paintings that span the seasons (hence, Four Seasons) of rural America and the Amish.  Like the rest of the guest rooms, the original ornate cast iron radiators add to the turn-of-the-last-century character along with the woodwork and original windows.Four Seasons Room

And now to the bathroom…

The modern bathroom features a tub/shower combo, toilet, vanity, and closet.  Four Seasons BathroomThat alone is not the magic, but the entrance into the bathroom and its history is.  Originally, the bathroom was a room that held the cistern (the tanks that stored the rain water that came off of the roof).  For the two stories below, massive brick walls hold up the weight of the area.  To get the water to flow from the tanks to the destination (the toilet, or laundry, or water heater), the cistern was stored up two steps to give it just enough gravity feed to reach the original bathroom just next door. Those steps are still there.  Then at the top of those steps, are two massive doors, each about 4 feet wide. One of the doors is permanently closed and serves as wall in the bathroom.  The other door is the entrance door into the bathroom.IMG_1162 IMG_1161

Come stay in the Four Seasons Room and fall in love with the charm.

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