Breakfast at Walnut Lawn

When you choose a bed and breakfast, you are coming for many reasons.  Sometimes it is for a well-deserved quiet vacation from work.  Sometimes it is to experience the charm of the yesteryear in an old Victorian farm house. Sometimes it is to avoid the hustle and bustle of a busy hotel where you are just a reservation number to the desk clerk.  But almost always, it is really about the comfort of the BED and the delicious BREAKFAST.

At Walnut Lawn Bed and Breakfast, the guests all eat together at the community table.  Here, strangers quickly become friends.  After all, they are bound to have something in common if they all chose Walnut Lawn.  Everyone talks about the restaurant they went to last night, or the sights they are going to see today.  They talk about the charm of the Amish buggies and how beautiful the farms are.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so they say. At Walnut Lawn B&B it is also considered a special experience.  At 8:30 sharp, the grand chestnut pocket doors are opened and you are welcomed into the dining room. Your first course, the appetizer, is already waiting for you at your seat.  It may be local seasonal fruit salad, or a sweet gooey caramel-y baked oatmeal with fresh raspberries from the Walnut Lawn garden. Or maybe with an Italian flare, the appetizer it is an assortment of cheeses with a drizzle of local honey and elderberry jam.cheese and fruit plate

Once you have whet your appetite, get ready for the main course.  A typical country breakfast at Walnut Lawn:  eggs, meat, carbohydrates!! There is nothing better than a Florentine frittata with a side of cornbread and thick cut bacon. Eggs not your thing?  How about cinnamon raison French toast, spiced apples, and sausage?

By now, you are hooked, right?  But here comes the best part…DESSERT.  Yes, you read it correctly, dessert!  Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fresh blueberry cobbler, delectable almond cake with a raspberry drizzle, or maybe even bananas foster ice cream sundae.bananas foster ice cream sundae

Each morning the breakfast is different.  Stay for a few days and you won’t have the same thing twice!

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