A (wedding) party at the inn

Monica, Taylor and Kali first came to the inn back in December for a weekend of wedding planning. Mom Monica, and sister Taylor were here to help with Kali’s dress fitting and finalize plans at the wedding site, Riverdale Manor. They had a productive and relaxing weekend, and before they checked out to be on their way back home, they decided to make another reservation. Bu this new reservation was for a much more auspicious event – the wedding.

The last weekend of February was the big weekend. Parents Monica and Gerry, sister Taylor and her husband CJ, and brother Addison and his wife Morgan, as well as family friends and the wedding musicians all converged at Walnut Lawn B&B for a long weekend of wedding prep.

McCarty Family at Walnut Lawn B&B

They had the whole inn to themselves and so could spread out and make themselves right at home. While Kali relaxed and prepared with her bridesmaids at another B&B, the family worked on the finishing touches of the table centerpieces, the boutonnieres, and the most beautiful bridal bouquet that I have ever seen- one made using antique floral brooches as the flowers. Kali has spectacular tastes and decided on what I am calling a vintage-rustic-chic theme. I’m not sure if that is the best description of the style, but it covers the bases.


Tasked with all the final touches, the dining room became centerpiece central for Monica. Milkglass vases were expertly assembled with greens and gold-painted twigs, then magically illuminated from the bottoms to produce a most romantic glow. The soothing fragrance of eucalyptus sprigs permeated the house as Monica worked the greenery into delicate vintage brooches that served at the boutonnieres which were perfectly captured on a grander scale in the bouquet.

It was a wonderful experience for me as an innkeeper to see Kali’s wonderful family feel like they were at home at Walnut Lawn.  Just as I had welcomed them into my home, they welcomed me into their family.  Monica and Gerry invited me to the wedding and I was honored to go.  It was a spectacular event.  Kali was gorgeous, the music was romantic, and the venue was perfect.  I am so thankful that I was able to witness the big event.

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