Works of local artist, Loretta Gable Englerth, on display at the B&B

I have known Loretta forever. She is one of my mom’s very best friends. They rode the same school bus in elementary school before graduating from the same high school that I did 30 years later. Loretta is a multi-talented woman who is an amazing artist, loves gardening, and excels at sewing and cooking. She has catered several of our big family events, including my sister’s wedding.

Loretta is quite the accomplished artist. Her watercolors are beautiful. My mother has been collecting her pieces for years, commissioning pieces both for my collection and hers. The first original piece I ever received was painted from a photo of my first home, a Tudor-style house with a bountiful rainbow of blooming flowers in the front yard. That was followed by three original floral watercolors: a vibrant hydrangea and two gorgeous orchids. I rounded out my collection with two prints: a bed of feathery poppies, and a butterfly visiting a marigold for a tasty nectar meal.P1060374 My mom also commissioned a watercolor of a bunny as a gift for my best friend, Francesca, to celebrate the birth of her daughter, Daisy. Not only is Loretta an extraordinary artist, she finds teaching to be a rewarding extension of her talents. She teaches groups in her home and travels around the county to provide art experiences to residents at retirement communities and nursing homes. I gave Francesca painting lessons as a grad-school graduation gift several years ago. With Loretta’s watchful eye and technical lessons, Francesca painted an amazing work of a blueberry bush, laden with fruits in varying degrees of ripeness. It made you want to reach out and snack right from the paper.

Many of Loretta’s works are landscapes of historic farms and homes throughout neighboring Chester County.P1060377 I personally love the floral and garden themed pieces, but there are also many that are still lives and rustic country scenes. The walls of the bed and breakfast are filled with her works, and a portfolio sits in the living room overflowing with her visions. Some are original, some are prints, some are watercolors, some are pen-and-ink, some are framed, some are matted, all are beautiful and all are for sale.P1060378  P1060376 P1060375

Loretta has pieces in galleries around the region, many of which are award winning from juried artist shows.  Please take a look at the wonderful talents of Loretta Gable Englerth next time you stay at Walnut Lawn. You will not be disappointed!

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