Horse buggy 2014Looking for a way to have a steady income and not find you losing hours commuting miles and spending too much time in the automobile or train. There are many home-based businesses that say they will make you independent and wealthy. Some will say they will set you up, support you and be there when you need them. A few will offer you a solid record of business that bases itself in real estate. One such business is a Bed and Breakfast.

Front porch view 2014When my wife and I began looking for a business we made a few conditions that the business must meet. They were: the business must be viable, reasonably priced for the income generated, be under our control, have the potential of increased value and be within our ability and skill sets. Of the many opportunities that we found and discussed, the best and most reasonable was to purchase a Bed and Breakfast.

498454181pbBwkU_fs[1] (2)Where else can you be you own boss, determine your budget, set the hours and days you want to work, calculate the income you want, live in a resort/ideal home, meet some of the most interesting people in the World and earn the respect of fellow businesses.

So if you’re in a situation where your income is stagnate and your health and humor are in good shape, consider one of most stable and honest business adventure you will find. A Bed and Breakfast is out May 2014 flowers 010there with your name on it.

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