The ultimate Recipe

In the many years we have run the Walnut Lawn B&B, we have met scores of home-rotation-mobile-1fellow Innkeepers who express their love for the lifestyle inherent in the Bed and Breakfast business. For some, the B&B business is their only means of support but for most, this is a way of life. The rhythms of the seasons, weekdays and weekends, taking and confirming reservations, bookkeeping and cleaning and preparing rooms are perfect for two people. In between these tasks, there is time for maintenance, yard work and, of course, time to oneself. The uniqueness of owning a small business, especially a Bed and Breakfast, is “you are in charge”. You can plan what you will do, when you will do it and how you will do it. Who could ask for more?

Recipe for a successful B and B

1 part good business sense                                  1 part knowing your limits

1 part enjoying and entertaining guests                 1 part housekeeping skills

1 part cooking and baking ability

Begin with mixing the above ingredients together for one or two people.

home-rotation-mobile-3To make a one batch, the parts will need to be somewhat equal. Using your skills you learned in life, contacting others who have made the mixture before and finding some unique additives that will make your recipe yours will produce the result you want.

Front porch view 2014To make a two batch, the parts will be divided but usually not equally. One will be more knowledgeable and strong in one or more of the ingredients while the other will be, hopefully, strong in the other areas. The result will flop when both think that their part of the recipe is the most important and therefore they will not mix with the other. The perfect result and most successful will be to blend the parts so that each person owns the result. Happiness, financial success and fun will follow each day.


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  1. I had a wonderful time at the walnut lawn bed and breakfast. Thank you, Tom and Sarah, for your kindness and great hospitality.

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