Why we became Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers at the Walnut Lawn BnB.

My wife and I were coming to the end of our professional careers and Front porch view 2014we were not ready to settle down to the retired lifestyle. We had always been busy at our jobs and in the community and wanted to continue these but on our rules. What could we do that would provide satisfaction, a challenge, and provide a supplemental income for us? We liked the idea of working together, being independent of bosses and being responsible sidebar-restaurants-1for our success. Ideally, we wanted a small business that we could handle physically, use many of our best skills and experiences, be invigorating to our emotional health and provide disposable income for any changes in the Economy. We were in a solid financial situation at the end of our professional life. We had sold our home and had enough savings to be able to handle the purchase of a business with a reasonable mortgage. As we award 2014have always been conservative in our lifestyle, we needed to know that if we began a business and it took a while to “get off the ground”, we would have other income that would pay the bills. Lastly, a word about our fears and misgivings. The biggest was failure. It does take a lot of “brass” to steel one’s self so that this does not deter the drive to a desired lifestyle. As trite as it sounds, failure is not an option. Other fears and

Breakfast table set

Breakfast table set

misgivings involve not meeting the expectations of others, too much to handle, no time to oneself and making mistakes that are costly. With all these expectations and worries, we steadily prodded on to find that small business that would become our dream, desire and total satisfaction.  End Part I

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