Spring is here in Lancaster County

It’s that time of the year and for only a week or two when our cherry and plum trees have those beautiful white flowers. We need the bees and good weather to make these flowers grow into a juicy and natural fruit.

Spring 2014 003We are also seeing our tulips, a rainbow of colors starting to bloom around our Gazebo and our water fountain. The daffodils are brightening up our out of way spots around the yard.

Spring 2014 002

What a great time to visit Lancaster County and stay over at the Walnut Lawn Bed and Breakfast. The fields are being prepared for the first planting. Seeing a team of five work horses pulling a set of plows with a teenage boy making the live of turned earth so straight is one of the most fantastic sights you will ever see. A truly inspiring way of life, The Amish.


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