Remembering a project

In the Spring five years ago, we decided to put a large Gazebo in our back yard. It has turned out to be a very happy decision. Hundreds of our guests at the Walnut Lawn B and B have enjoyed a day and night of relaxing, playing card or just plain conversation. It has also served as a great place for our guests to enjoy a meal. We thought it would be nice to chronicle the day we received our Gazebo.


It took over a week to dig out a 25 foot, 3 foot depth circle. Once it was dug, We ordered tons of medium size stones to fill this vast empty space. The stones were leveled and we waited for the day of delivery.



DSCN0950We ordered a 15 foot, eight sided screened Gazebo from an Amish craftsman in Quarryville, PA. The delivery was on 4 tire trailer made for these type of deliveries.




The positioning of the Gazebo was a work of Art. The trailer was moved into the best angle to have the door face our back door. We had plans to put a brick walkway from the driveway to the entrance. Jacks were used to make the small adjustments.


DSCN0953It’s finally set. The hour went fast and we were then able to hook up the electric for a fan and light. We furnished the interior with 6 teak wood chairs and a five foot round teak wood table which we brought back from Thailand.




Gazebo AHere is a picture of our lovely Gazebo in the Summer. We later added a circle of lights around the outside to brighten it at night. At Christmas time we put a lighted Christmas tree to celebrate the Holiday Season. We hope you will visit the Walnut Lawn Bed and Breakfast and enjoy the many extras we offer our guests.



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