Saint Valentine’s Day?

valentine 2When I was in grade school, the heart got broken each year when I didn’t get a “you’re my friend”, “I like you” and “Be my Sweetheart” heart shaped candy bit. In high school, cards would be circulated that had the same sentiments but they were between “going steady” students. After high school things got more family with a cute card to Mom or a girlfriend that seemed part of the family. During the time before I married with my true love, every Valentine’s Day was special. Dinner with flowers was the minimum. It didn’t seem that much commercial but the pressure was there to buy something. Once married, it was a yearly ritual to treat each other to something special, maybe a dinner if we could afford it, flowers and/or candy was always welcomed and of course ending the day with Valentine’s promise. When the children came along, our daughter always got a gift from Dad as well as a special treat for the mother. When the children “left the roost” to find their own Valentine, we tried to keep the spark alive with treating each other to something special. valentine 1Many a year we planned a visit to a Bed and Breakfast to just enjoy each other’s company. A B&B just seemed to be the best place to share time together and feel welcomed. There was time to see the sights, enjoy an intimate dinner and cap off the night with the one you love. At the Walnut Lawn Bed and Breakfast, there is the next morning’s breakfast. A perfect way to continue your time together.

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