Ever hear of Lancaster County’s “Mud Sales”?

Each year the communities of Amish families host an open-airsidebar-thingstodo-1 auction at different Fire Houses each Saturday in the months when the weather changes, hence the name “Mud Sales”. There are loads of items that are auctioned off such as food stuffs, farm implements, antiques, furniture and livestock. But the main attractions for us “English” are the many quilts that are auctioned off in the main fire hall. The quilts are well crafted, variety of colors, patterns and sizes and can be gotten for less than the retail prices. There are also many food vendors that offer the typical Dutch County fare to ease the walking on the sometimes sloppy grounds and in chilly weather.

After going to many of these Sales, we are still struck by the serenity and quiet life in the Amish Community. If you have never experienced being with a Community of families that follow a unique and complete way of life, you owe it to yourselves the come to one of many “Mud Sales”  that are scheduled these next couple of months. We at the Walnut Lawn Bed and Breakfast will be happy to guide you to the “Mud Sale” happening the weekend you visit. Life should be experienced and not just read about.

Posted by Tom and Sarah, Innkeepers of the Walnut Lawn Bed and Breakfast



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