Our Fifth Room

We have on our website the descriptions and pictures of each of our four guest rooms. We do have a fifth guest room we call our Spare Room. It is on the second floor at the top of the stairs. The room has a full size bed, rocking chair, A/C (Summer months) and the amenities of our other guest rooms.

The Spare Room does not have a bathroom. The guest that stays in this room will use the bathroom next to our Quilt Room and across the hall from the Spare Room. This provides privacy for the guests in the Quilt Room while guest in the Spare Room can always use the bathroom.

The Spare Room is the extra room that a family or friends need to stay together when there are 3 or more persons. The Spare Room is reserved when the Quilt Room is booked by a family or friends for the extra person. The rate is set at fifty dollars plus tax which make this room attractive for guests on a limited budget.

When you visit our Bed and Breakfast, you can ask to see this small but homey guest room.

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