Seven years and still going strong

Our Dining Room in 2005

Our Dining Room in 2012

Our Four Seasons Room in 2012

Our Four Seasons Room in 2005

Our Siam Room in 2012

Our Siam Room in 2005

Our Common Room – Den in 2012

Today is a Special Day at the Walnut Lawn Bed and Breakfast. It was 7 years ago on this day that we signed our mortgage to buy this lovely Inn. It has been a rewarding experience, not only learning how to be a small business owner but meeting the most interesting and enjoyable people. We have booked over 4,350 room nights, have met over 8,600 guests from 23 Countries and 37 States and Sarah has prepared over 1,590 delicious Country style breakfasts.

Since our first hectic days seven years ago as we bought furniture, planned meals and divided up our jobs to today when we have updated, improved and expanded the guest rooms and our living quarters we have always placed the comfort and well-being of our guests above all. Over the years, we have added televisions, cable, guest refrigerator and microwave, wireless internet, Gazebo and a Pergola.

Here are some memory pictures of when we started and some of the same rooms now. We hope you can come and enjoy our B&B and our hospitality.

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