Looking for Lancaster County Pennsylvania

Summer is a time to think about travelling but questions always seem to pop up. What is the price of gas? How long can I take off? Is there a nice place that I can go in Lancaster County that will make my time and money worth the trip?

Well, here are answers to the above questions. First, even though gas prices seem to change with the movement of the Sun, most gas stations in the County are competitively priced with other areas and much lower than the neighboring major cities. Second, weekdays will find most B&B’s with  vacancies while planning a few days ahead will find a room over the weekend. This only leaves you with the decision to take a few days away from your normal life, whatever that may be. Third, You will find a restful time at the Walnut Lawn B&B. We are situated near the activities you would love to visit and enjoy such as Theaters, Museums, parks, Amish Tours and of course, shopping and dining.


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