Our Cherry tree is ready

Ready for pickin'

Each year at the Walnut Lawn B&B we anticipate the picking of our cherries from the trees on our lot. This year our “pie cherry” tree has not failed us. We have packed 10 quarts of cherries that will be used throughout this year for desserts for our guests. It’s a favorite for guests to have the B&B’s own cherries as part of their time here.

We are not the only place that has fruits and vegetables coming into season. Within  minutes of our B&B you can find local farmers setting up their stands by the roadside and selling the abundance of their carefully grown crops. We also have some of the best Farmer’s Markets in the State. Central Market, Roots Farmer’s Market, Bird-in-Hand Farmer’s Market as well as the famous Green Dragon Market have local farmers bringing their fruits, vegetables, meats and other items to sell at reasonable prices.

Staying a couple of days at the Walnut Lawn B&B will enrich your appreciation of the value and need of local farmers and buying local. Needless to say, you will have the most fun shopping all the places mentioned above.

See you soon.

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