Family visit

Each year we are blessed with a visit with our granddaughter. This year we had a

Helping “Nana” and Mother with the evening’s meal.

special treat. Our daughter came along. In a week filled with movies, farm visits, Dutch Wonderland, theater and more, our granddaughter’s enthusiasm never wavered. Filled with youthful energy, she kept us stepping with dodge ball, yahtzee and long swings on the porch counting the color of cars passing by. We do miss them and look forward to another year with her.

One thought on “Family visit

  1. Tom & Sarah You have a very beautiful place. I enjoy seeing pictures of your family. My Family all live down South and we just came from there. The kids want us to move down south to be closer. Neither Joe nor I really have that much of a desire to move. It is getting harder to do things around the house. We love the area around here and the weather for the most is real nice even in the winter. Everything we need is less than 10 miles away. I just miss my kids and Grandkids distance is getting harder with 14 hour drives. And my on brother & his family in Florida and the heat or I should say humidity really gets to Joe and we both have to be on oxygen & It is a pain dragging all that stuff around. Locally we don’t find it inconvient. Have a Happy 4th of July weekend.

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