One Good Quality of an Innkeeper

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For all aspiring Innkeepers, there is something you can do that will help make your Bed and Breakfast a long term memory for all those guests that visit you. If you haven’t heard of “Click n’ Clack” on NPR, you need to check them out on Saturday mornings. For years I have followed these brothers and their car talk show, not only for their knowledge of automobiles but their communication skills. They are truly a model for active listening, directed questions and humor. If you listen to their show week after week and become a student of their techniques, you will find yourself ready, willing and able to meet, greet and communicate with all the guests that will visit your B and B.

Guests really like to talk and they can have a wealth of knowledge and  experiences that you and fellow guests will enjoy. Listening to them is all important. Their interests andenthusiasm about any subject from a job to family to “What’s there to do around here?” are easy openings to have a guests become more like friends. Asking guests about their day, about their family, about where they have vacationed before are part of directed questions but don’t forget to ask follow-up questions on what they are talking about to you or to other guests. Lastly, humor. Some guests like “can jokes” but I have found that the “Click n’ Clack” brothers have the best approach. They play off of what a caller has been saying. For many people this is a difficult technique but if you actively listen to these brothers and their play on words and situations, you will be able to produce a smile on the face of all your guests.

When a Bed and Breakfast becomes a home where guests want to return because they know the Innkeepers care about what they have to say, your Bed and Breakfast will become successful and you will enjoy every day of your Innkeeping lifestyle.

Tom and Sarah, Innkeepers of the Walnut Lawn B and B.


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