Value Outstanding – Bed and Breakfast Inns

“We’re thinking about taking a few days away. We know we want to go Lancaster County and shop, eat great food and see the unique attractions that we have read about. The big question is where do we stay?” The choices are many.

The warmth and friendliness of a Bed and Breakfast Inn that recalls the hospitality of years gone by, the amenities that the modern world holds dear, the morning breakfast that allows you to linger over a second cup of coffee, and the relaxation of spending nights in a home decorated for your amusement and delight or the sterile, cookie-cutter building the has dozens of the same rooms and charges for some of your favorite amenities?

For the discerning visitor to Lancaster County, the choice of “where do we stay?” should be clear. With over thirty Bed and Breakfast Inns in the Authentic Bed and Breakfast Association, there will be dozens that will meet not only your budget, but give you more than the value of the room. Food, fun and friends can be yours in our little part of the World.

Pictures are from the Walnut Lawn Bed and Breakfast

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