Fun at the B&B

Our favorite time of the day when we have guests is the time after the main course. We sit with our guests in the Dining Room and pickup on the varied conversations taking place. Family, vacations, work, Amish, Lancaster County and where the guest had dinner the night before are always common conversations. We always end our time with guest by asking what they will be doing that day. Many times we can give them places, attractions and sites they may not have hear about.  Self directed tours as well and suggestions where to eat are the favorite topics.

Many of the visitors to Lancaster County come to see the plays at Sight and Sound as well as the other local theaters and Amish attractions. Others come for the beauty of the County and ride bikes, do hiking or take a Hot Air Ballon ride. Of course there are those who love the shopping at the Outlets and quaint stores that dot the County. There is truely something for everyone here.
For any visitor who plans a stay for more than one day in Lancaster County, a Bed and Breakfast is the best place to be.

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