Ten Reasons Why and Why not a B&B is a great Investment

After many years working in a bureaucracy or for a corporation and taking what those over you have to say as normal and intelligent gets tiring. If having someone tell you when this needs to be done, who you can work with and what you have to do to make it leaves you empty of the full life you thought you wanted, then determining your own success by owning and operating a small business is your answer!

Check these off:

1. be your own boss
2. need to live a full life
3. tax advantages
4. income protection
5. meeting interesting people
6. creative cooking
7. express yourself in decorations
8. prestige of a small business owner
9. mental and physical exercise
10. ability to schedule when you want to take time off

10 reasons not to buy a B&B

1. You have never been in a position to make decisions or control a process or lead others. Life seems to have passed you by. You never needed to make a decision; bosses’ always ordered you what to do, your spouse directed you, your church guided you and your parents always told you to do what you are told. A life without responsibility is better than a life filled with worries, disappointments and heartbreaks.
2. You are more than happy to pay taxes because that’s important to you. A small business can help you deduct expenses that you would ordinarily incur with owning your own home and can help you furnish your home with things that you would never be able to afford but this would mean that Uncle Sam would not get every penny it wants from you. This can lead you to feel bad.
3. You have no need to protect your investments and retirement. As the years go bye and your retirement nest egg seems to make you drift into penny-pinching years, you can rely upon your children to be there for you or the Government will have new costly programs for senior citizens.
4. You are not a sociable person and strangers bother you. Staying you in your home and only having reliable friends and neighbors fetch you all your needs like groceries, medicine and care of your home along with only watching those TV programs that show you the World as you want it to be, will give your life true meaning and happiness.
5. You never liked cooking and only like eating good food. Being hooked on prepackaged and restaurant food is not so bad. They need to survive in any economy and the workers need their meager income. With all the chemicals in the food, you should be able to live forever.
6. You have horrible taste in decorating and organizing furniture. As you grew up, you always felt it was more important to be comfortable than to have a place that people envied or admired. Now that you have the time and money there is no need to change your outlook, it doesn’t seem real to pretend or need to express yourself.
7. You avoid being seen as a successful person. You know that being successful means everybody and every organization will be after you to help or give money. Your family will envy you and your friends will either be nice to you to get something or avoid you because they envy you. Happiness is being seen as “one-of-the-guys” who can complain and smile about it.
8. You would rather watch TV, play video games or watch the grass grow. You are more than happy with a quiet, uninterrupted life. Having to think about things or think you can change anything or think there are people who can make a difference with doing something are foolish.
9. You don’t have self-control and need someone else to tell you what and when to do things. Being an impulsive buyer and buying every new thing that comes across a TV screen seems more intelligent than trying to research and study what’s really worth the money. Others seem to be in the know and it’s better to follow the herd than to go it alone.
10. You don’t have tons of money. You don’t worry or think about what you can make or how your business will grow. The money you have will somehow supply you with the things you will need in the future. It’s foolish to plan what an investment will give you. A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush.

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