A B&B Involved in the Lancaster Community

Five years ago on a cool Fall evening I answered a knock at our backdoor. A member of the West Lampeter Township PlanningCommission stood there and asked if I would like to become a member of the newly formed Village Renewal Committee. The purpose of the Committee would be to survey the needs of Lampeter and Willow Street Villages and recommend projects and improvements to the Township Planning Commission.

Our monthly meetings during the first year were full of enthusiasm and positive energy. We wanted to plan walking and bike trails, make the Villages family friendly, encourage small businesses to start here and somehow control the flow of traffic on the State and Township roads that flow through the two Villages.

Our second and third years saw some changes in our members but the improvements and projects seemed to be going nowhere. We did make our Committee relevant to our neighbors in the Villages by staffing a booth at the Township Fair and hosting what has become a yearly Christmas Tree Lighting Program for the Villages.

The last two years were significant in that we kept our members, continued our involvement in Community activities, obtained a Grant to hire a Consulting Firm to formalize our ideas and projects for the Township (which we won an award for best Traditional Village Plan) and we helped obtain a Grant to install a walkway in the Village of Lampeter. This past winter we held a Community “Christmas Door Decorating” contest for our neighbors in the Villages which the Township provided a prize to the best decorated door.

Being actively involved in your Community is important and rewarding. It’s important that a business show neighbors that they have an interest in the Community and are willing to spend time, energy and resources to improve the neighborhood. What can be more rewarding than helping neighbors and friends become involved in their Community as well as sharing expertise and enthusiasm.

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